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Journey Family Radiates God’s Light & Generosity

Radiate 2019 Story

Check out this amazing story of generosity from within our Journey family! We pray this story will inspire you to consider how you can continue to radiate generosity to those around you!If you would like to learn more about radiate and how you can be a part of it, click here: thank you for being a part of God's mission for us to show generosity to those around us!

Posted by Journey@McPherson on Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Hear the Full Story by watching this video from Journey!

In 2015, during a time of discouragement and depression, Hal connected with Journey@Yoder campus pastor, Dale Yoder.  During the months and years after this connection Dale worked alongside Hal through some difficult situations resulting in a re-connection his faith family.  In 2018 the community realized Hal’s need for an accessible housing situation.  After discussing different options they decided to build him a small house.  Hal says,”I was humbled by the idea that I live in a community with such great caring for me that they would consider building me a house.”  The community then formed a team to pursue the small house idea, engaged skilled people in the community to partner with the church, and secured the total funds needed for building the house within several hours of going public.  Dale comments, “The positive response was overwhelming.”  People from different churches and business volunteered skills, time, and materials to the project.  Dale says,”…we have experienced an outpouring of generosity that exceeded any of our expectations. It is my experience that people want to be involved with the re-creative work of God in our communities.  I believe that God has restoration projects waiting in each of our communities.  He is looking and waiting for partners to personally work with Him in His restorative work.”  

You can also watch the full video HERE from Journey Mennonite Church.

Kingman Circles

Kingman Circles’ first graduation on August 26th

On April 1, the Kingman Community kicked off the Circles program.  The mission of Circles is to help people get out of poverty through education, emotional support and mentoring. The first class began with 19 family units with 11 units graduating on August 26. At the graduation ceremony, four individuals shared their stories of experiencing progress in their interpersonal relationships, improvements in their attitudes and self-esteem.  One of the graduates, a single father who is raising four children under the age of twelve, shared his distrust of the individuals who were operating the program, confident that they were operating with ulterior motives. After four weeks of attending the class came to the realization that people sincerely cared about him.  

Eight of the eleven graduates have begun phase two in which “allies” individuals from the middle class come to a monthly meeting to support and encourage students as they set goals. 

A variety of churches are helping with the Circles program including members from Kingman Mennonite. Volunteers prepare meals for participants, provide childcare, serve as allies and donate supplies.