December 23, 2014
    Has your church ever experienced a spontaneous baptism?  Most folks at Whitestone Mennonite Church had not until Sunday, December 14.
A young adult from the congregation, who is in school at Washburn University in Topeka, KS, befriended a young man from China.  Through his friendship and encouragement over time, the Chinese student decided on Saturday evening, to commit himself to a life of Christian discipleship.  During sharing time near the conclusion of the worship service on Sunday morning, the young man gave witness to his new-found faith, and his intention to return to China soon to complete his education and share the gospel message with his family and friends, most of whom have been steeped in a non-Christian, and even anti-Christian, culture.
Moved by the Spirit, an older member of congregation took the microphone and suggested that this young man be baptized on the spot!  The congregation responded with affirming applause, and the pastors took this unusual challenge in stride and in a few minutes, were prepared to administer baptism, which the young man readily accepted, again expressing his joy and hopefulness.  Needless to say, there were many moist eyes among the crowd–having witnessed a most wonderful Advent gift to all.
December 16. 2014
South Central Conference, in cooperation with Western District Conference, has been awarded a grant from the Kansas Leadership Center.  We are excited about this opportunity for Leadership Development within our congregations.  The program will allow SCC to offer an intense leadership development program for 15 to 25 persons during 2015. This is a wonderful opportunity for our pastors and congregational leaders. More information will be coming on how this opportunity will unfold.  Please be in prayer that we will use this grant to further Jesus’ kingdom in our communities.
December 9, 2014
Spring Valley Mennonite Church located near Canton, Kansas is engaging in a new outreach ministry in their town.  They are planning to organize a Bible Study group with persons in Canton.  They have located a space in a building on Main Street and are making plans to publicize it through mailings and posters and personal invitations.  Pastor David Norris will be leading this study starting sometime in the month of January.  Please pray that this effort will be effective as a way for them to share the Gospel in their community.